Valley Heights

Senior Rental Community

Valley Heights is an independent apartment community for active senior citizens. We provide services and added features designed to meet changing needs and expectations of retirees from the burden of home maintenance and daily household routines. Along with a spacious, contemporary apartment, Valley Heights provides services to eliminate time consuming tasks of everyday living like housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, social and education activities, 24-hour security, and local weekday transportation.

Our one- and two-bedroom apartments come standard with a complete kitchen, extra storage, washer and dryer, and a personal deck. Valley Heights is located in Watsonville, on the Central Coast Region of California, where the weather is moderate all year.

Valley Heights provides an active and social lifestyle with a variety of programs. We pride ourselves with providing quality service and attention to the small detail. We encourage you to schedule a friendly tour to learn more about how you can Retire in Style!

“A Dream Come True”

“We wanted to create a special place where seniors could enjoy a lifestyle of independence and privacy, while at the same time be able to benefit from the friendships and support that’s available in our community.”

Richard and Kelly had been involved with senior health care for over 30 years when they began conceptualizing Valley Heights from dream to reality. Their experience led them to what seniors NEEDED, yet it was important for them to understand and provide what seniors WANTED. How better to find out than ask? Richard and Kelly traveled throughout the country visiting more than 150 senior housing developments. They met with developers and administrators, but learned most directly from the residents themselves.

“We’re proud of the outcome of our years of planning. It’s important to us to be able to provide a gracious setting where seniors can enjoy the quality lifestyle they deserve.

– Richard Murphy and Kelly Chilcote, Founders

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